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Reuniting found photos with their lost stories

Can you help solve these mysteries? Do you see a clue hidden in these images that can help determine the who, where, or when? If so, please leave a comment!  Your observations and insight will be appreciated as we try to reveal the stories hidden in these found photos...

Open Cases

A rustic vacation?

Found at a flea market in upstate New York, does this photo depict a family in front of their own home, or on a rustic vacation? The lighting almost causes this scene to look like a movie set. Possible clues to help determine a date and location include what might be a vehicle in the background...


Two men and a dog

Dated 1918 and labeled "Maple Grove", this photo is part of a series featuring the same characters. Are they a couple? Are they just friends? Where is Maple Grove?


The three R's

An American flag with 48 stars is just one clue hidden in this found photo. Determining an approximate date and location could eventually help reunite this photo with its story...