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This old photo has a story, though none now live who remember it


"Bell's boy", tragically killed by a train



This photo, like the photo of Fran and Anne Linzy, was also found in a pile of old family photos but didn't feature anyone in our family. A clue written on the back, "Bell's boy", led us to a few photos of Bell herself, along with a newspaper article also labelled with the tag "Bell's Boy". It seems that Bell's son was tragically killed while working on a train.

Lloyd H. fullmor...

19-years-old, son of Bell Patno, killed while working on a train for Delaware & Hudson Railroad Corporation...


And what about his mother, Bell? Through a series of photos and an equally tragic newspaper article, we discovered a little about Bell's life, as well.

Bell Patno...

We don't know much about Bell herself, but from these photographs and articles we know that she was a mother, friend, scout helper, and that she, like her son Lloyd, died tragically. Her obituary simply stated that she had lived alone and that her three children had all died “some time ago”


Photograph of Bell Patno in 1892 at 24 years old


Photo of Bell Patno labeled “when she was a scout helper”


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