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"Bell's boy", tragically killed by a train



This photo, like the photo of Fran and Anne Linzy, was also found in a pile of old family photos but didn't feature anyone in our family. A clue written on the back, "Bell's boy", led us to a few photos of Bell herself, along with a newspaper article also labelled with the tag "Bell's Boy". It seems that Bell's son was tragically killed while working on a train.

Lloyd H. fullmor...

19-years-old, son of Bell Patno, killed while working on a train for Delaware & Hudson Railroad Corporation...


And what about his mother, Bell? Through a series of photos and an equally tragic newspaper article, we discovered a little about Bell's life, as well.

Bell Patno...

We don't know much about Bell herself, but from these photographs and articles we know that she was a mother, friend, scout helper, and that she, like her son Lloyd, died tragically.


Bell Patno at 24 years old in 1892.


Bell (standing) with an unknown woman. Perhaps a daughter?

Labeled... "Bell when she was a scout helper".

February 7, 1950


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