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Reuniting found photos with their lost stories


The linzy family

Fran, Anne, and Junior Linzy 01s.jpg


This photo, like the photo of Robert and Levanche, was also found in a box of old family photos, yet did not feature anyone from our family. After speaking to relatives who were young children at the time, it was determined that these were the Linzy's who lived next door to my grandparents in the 1950's in Geneva, New York.

From there, it was a matter of searching the internet and finding obituaries for the woman pictured, Anne Linzy, which provided names of her living relatives at the time. Thanks to Facebook, I was able to reach out to a few of the family members and offer to send them a digital copy of the photo, and to mail the original photo to the most senior living relative.

I received the following replies, which is what makes reuniting found photos with their lost stories, and sometimes even their lost relatives, so rewarding...

"I almost cried when receiving your email. We had lost all of our family photos in a house fire several years ago and I thought that I would never see these faces again! Thank you so much for finding this and us!"

"Omg I never knew what my grandparents even looked like. This is sooo exciting! Thx!!!"


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