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Reuniting found photos with their lost stories

A study in body language

Found photo of family with new baby and jealous sibling

Flea market find in Ithaca, NY. Who are the characters surrounding the newborn baby? A sibling of the new addition to the family, unsure of the implications for him, now that he's no longer an only child? Is the woman standing in the back a wistful aunt who desires a family of her own?

Two Men and a Dog

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Dated 1918 and labeled "Maple Grove", these photos were found at a flea market in upstate New York and they feature the same characters in a variety of settings. We're most curious about these two men... are they a couple, relatives, or friends? And where is Maple Grove?

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A Rustic Vacation?

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A rustic vacation?

Found at a flea market in upstate New York, does this photo depict a family in front of their own home, or on a rustic vacation? The lighting causes this scene to look it may even be a movie set. Possible clues to help determine a date and location include what appears to be a vehicle in the background, the subjects' clothing, and the woman's hairstyle.

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