~ Found Photos ~

Not-For-Profit Purveyor of Antique and Vintage Found Photographs

"Collectors, people who have spent years and countless hours hunting through giant bins of unsorted snapshots at flea markets and antique malls and yard sales to find a transcendent few, rescuing images of historical significance and arresting beauty from obscurity and, most likely, the dump. Their work is an unglamorous labor of love, and I think they are the unsung heroes of the photography world.”   - Ransom Riggs

About this collection

The purpose of FoundPhotos.org is to recover antique and vintage photographs that have been long forgotten, digitally scanning and sharing them with found photography enthusiasts online.  Ultimately, this project's goal is to place the original photographs with individuals who will appreciate them, or perhaps even with the families or descendants of the people featured in the images.

Most of these images have been found in historic small towns in New England and generally feature people rather than places or landscapes.  They are mostly from the late 1800's to the mid-1900's, and the characters whose daily lives are depicted in these images are unknown except for the occasional clue provided in the form of writing that may be present on the back of the photographs.  A scan of the back of each photograph, regardless of the presence of written information, is also posted, as the developer's markings can often help to date photographs.

Not-For-Profit:  All proceeds from the sale of these images goes toward rescuing even more images from obscurity and, as Mr. Riggs says, most likely the dump.